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Kiprunning Sports Club Membership Structure

Kiprunning Sports Club membership is divided into two tiers: a competitive tier and an elite development tier. The competitive tier consists of runners aspiring to achieve the qualifying standards for some of road racing’s premier events, such as the Boston and New York Marathons. The elite development tier is dedicated for runners who are aspiring to meet professional-level qualification standards.

Club workouts will be geared toward the individual ability levels of runners on both tiers so that one group does not exert unnecessary pressure on the other. The tiers will often train together but will also split into separate workout groups as necessary.

Kiprunning Sports Club Qualification Standards

Due to the structure of the club’s workouts, there are minimum performance standards for qualification. These qualification standards ensure that all members will be able to contribute to the club’s success and can benefit from the club’s support both in workouts and in races. These standards are meant to guide acceptance into the club, but they are not entirely rigid. Coach Wilson encourages all interested club participants to contact him to inquire about membership.

Competitive Tier Standards

DistanceMen's StandardWomen's Standard
10 Mile1:02:001:08:50
Half Marathon1:20:001:30:00
Full Marathon2:55:003:15:00

Elite Development Tier Standards

DistanceMen's StandardWomen's Standard
10 Mile53:451:02:50
Half Marathon1:11:451:22:50
Full Marathon2:35:002:50:00

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