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Based in Washington, DC

Trains Worldwide

Experience and Expertise

Coach Komen's Bio

Originally from Kenya, Wilson Komen has been a fixture in the Washington, DC running community for nearly twenty years.

Personalized Coaching

Coach Komen offers several forms of coaching for runners, including in-person and virtual options. All are personally customized.

Race History

Wilson Komen possesses extensive road racing experience, including high-placing finishes in the Boston Marathon

Client Comments

"In the time that I have worked with Coach Komen, he has helped me achieve three Boston Marathon qualifying times . . . all in my late 30s."
Joseph P. Fisher
"Very quickly, Coach Wilson sat me down and taught me to see the joy in running and the benefit of a positive mindset."
Asma Ahmed
"Coach Komen always made time for me, and as a beginner to the sport of running, this kind of attention was invaluable."
P. Nandy
"Coach Wilson's approach sets him apart. He takes a very personalized and tailored approach, and he is extremely responsive and accessible."
Juan M.

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