Coach Kiprunning Membership

At Coach Kiprunning, we offer comprehensive support for your
training journey: 

1. Training Support Questions:  Gain access to the coach for support
and guidance on training-related inquiries during your workouts.

2. Training Adjustment Support: Receive assistance in adjusting your
training plan to suit your progress, challenges, and goals.

3.  Race Tips and Nutrition Advice: Get valuable insights on race
strategies, nutrition, and hydration to optimize your performance on
race day.

4.  Race Strategy Plan: Develop a customized race strategy plan
tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals for a successful race

5.  Training Evaluation: Receive thorough evaluations of your
training performance to track progress and make informed adjustments.

6. Goal Setting Assistance:  Receive guidance in setting realistic
and achievable goals to keep you motivated and focused throughout your
training journey.

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