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Coach Kiprunning’s Coaching Services

Wilson Komen with finishers at The Capitol Hill Classic 10K

Coach Kiprunning offers individualized coaching services for runners located in the Washington metropolitan area as well as to runners training throughout the United States and internationally.  These coaching services are available to runners of all ability levels—beginner to advanced—and to runners recreational and competitive alike.  Coach Wilson Komen works to help all of his runners improve their training techniques, run with an enhanced understanding of form and stride, avoid injury, and achieve their performance goals.  Runners may train with Wilson for any racing distance between the 5KM and the full marathon.

Prospective trainees who have extensive running and racing experience, and who are located in the metro DC area, might consider joining the Kiprunning Sports Club.  If you have questions about which option will be the best for you, please contact Coach Wilson.

Available Coaching Services

  • One-On-One Coaching: in-person training available to runners in the metro DC area
  • Online Coaching: personalized training assistance over email, phone, and Skype (when necessary); available to any runner worldwide
  • Customized Training Plan: individualized training instructions that runners follow independently; available to any runner worldwide
  • Coaching Consultation: supplementary stand-alone training sessions (available in person, over the phone, or via Skype) for online and customized training plan runners
  • Ready-Made Training Plans: prefabricated training plans that runners implement independently; available to any runner worldwide