Online Training Plans


Welcome to the Coach Kiprunning Online Store. Currently, Wilson Komen is offering expertly designed training plans for the 5KM, 10KM, half marathon, and marathon distances. Runners can purchase the plans that they desire and will implement them independently and at their convenience.

If you are seeking personal coaching from Wilson Komen, consult his coaching services for more information.

Please note that download links expire five days after purchase or upon navigating away from the site. These links only allow for a single download.

Training Plans Overview

  • Beginner Training Plans are best suited for runners who are new to each respective distance.
  • Intermediate Training Plans are best suited for runners who have training and racing experience at each respective distance.

With the exception of the 5KM distance, all plans are designed for runners who are comfortable incorporating hill and speed work into their routines.

Coach Komen offers additional ready-made training plans via TrainingPeaks.

Safety Disclaimer

Runners will follow Wilson Komen training plans at their own risk. Coach Kiprunning assumes no liability for injury or other hazards that runners might experience while training. Before beginning any training plan, runners are advised to consult with their primary care physicians to inquire about their overall health, exercise regimens, personal nutrition, and injury status.

For additional information about Coach Kiprunning, contact Wilson Komen.

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