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Coaching Consultation Overview

Individual coaching consultations are available as training supplements for Coach Komen’s online and customized training plan runners.  To be eligible for a coaching consultation, runners must have already completed and submitted the Runner’s Questionnaire and Waiver of Liability forms.

Coaching consultations function as singular stand-alone appointments that are meant to address specific training questions.  Individual runners may only schedule a maximum of 2 consultations per calendar month.

If you have questions about the nature of your training plan, and about whether or not scheduling a coaching consultation would be appropriate, please contact Coach Wilson.

Services Available with a Coaching Consultation

  • In-person evaluation of your running performance for a specific speed workout customized by Coach Komen (runners must be within commuting distance to downtown Washington, DC)
  • In-person evaluation of your running form and advice for any necessary improvements (runners must be within commuting distance to downtown Washington, DC)
  • Phone (or Skype) appointment to discuss training or racing questions
  • Development of a specific race strategy plan (for any distance between the 5K and the full marathon) with a phone, email, or Skype consultation to discuss the plan and to address any questions

Coaching Consultation Fee Structure

  • $80 per session for in-person speed workout evaluations
  • $75 per session for in-person running form evaluations
  • $60 per session for phone, email, and Skype appointments, including race strategy plan development and discussion

Scheduling a Coaching Consultation

  1. Contact Coach Komen by email to express your interest in scheduling a consultation and to indicate the type of consultation and your specific training questions.
  2. Select the appropriate consultation appointment from the drop-down purchase menu. Then, complete the purchase process.
  3. Coach Wilson will contact you through your preferred form of communication to arrange for your consultation.


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