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Coach Komen’s Top Racing Performances

Wilson Komen in Mid-Race
Wilson Komen has extensive road racing experience that covers a variety of distances, including over 30 marathon completions.  What follows are some highlights of his top performances:

5 KM
Race for the Cure, Washington, DC 1st place 14:29

8 KM
Shamrock Sportsfest, Virginia Beach, VA 4th place 23:40
Rockville Rotary Twilight Runfest, Rockville, MD 1st place 23:55

10 KM
Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta, GA 12th place 29:07
Pike’s Peek, Rockville, MD 3rd place 29:34    

10 Mile
Cherry Blossom, Washington, DC 5th place 47:58
Crim Festival of Races, Flint, MI 5th place 48:41

15 KM
Boilermaker 15K, Utica, NY 7th place 45:01
Boilermaker 15K, Utica, NY 11th place 45:26

Half Marathon
Fairfield Road Race, Fairfield, CT 5th place 1:04:15
Providence Half Marathon, Providence, RI 5th place 1:04:44
Philadelphia Distance Run, Philadelphia, PA 11th place 1:04:41

25 KM
Fifth Third River Bank Run, Grand Rapids, MI 4th place 1:17:48

Baltimore Marathon, Baltimore, MD 3rd place 2:17:07
Green Bay Marathon, Green Bay, WI 1st place 2:17:30
Boston Marathon, Boston, MA 14th place 2:18:26
Boston Marathon, Boston, MA 12th place 2:24:06