A couple of people running in front of the washington monument.

SEO Status: Complete

The SEO upgrade to the Coach Kiprunning website is now complete.Over the next few weeks, we will be publicizing the enhanced webpages on our Twitter feeds, so definitely follow along, read, and click through.Finally, there are some larger exciting developments on the horizon. It looks like a potential reorganization of the Kiprunning Sports Club might

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A person standing in front of a boston marathon banner.

”Boston marathon 128th: Lianne’s testimonial

As I began collaborating with Lianne in preparation for the Boston Marathon, she sought guidance from Coach Kiprunning due to discomfort in her hamstring and Achilles. With just two months remaining until the race, the prospect of participating seemed bleak given the challenges she faced. Lianne’s decision to follow Coach Kiprunning’s advice and commit to

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