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About the Kiprunning Route Report

A Biker Riding North on the Mount Vernon Trail

The Kiprunning Route Report offers a general overview of major running trails in the Washington metropolitan area. Though by no means comprehensive or exhaustive, the Kiprunning Route Report does aspire to offer local and visiting runners some assistance with planning their workouts.

Safety Disclaimers

The Kiprunning Route Report is offered only as a matter of general information. Coach Kiprunning assumes no responsibility for anyone’s safety on these trails. Run smart and at your own risk.

Before planning their workouts, runners should research current trail conditions to check for construction, detours, or trail closures. Likewise, runners are advised to consult RunWashington’s assault map, which is also only a resource, to check the general safety of the trails in question. Finally, runners should always ensure that they are carrying the appropriate amount of water (or sports drink), nutrition, and money, in case they need to hail a ride home for any reason. Carrying a cellphone and some form of identification is also recommended.

Route Categories

These routes represent a core selection of the major running trails in the metro DC area. This list certainly does not include every possible option or every possible trail variation.

  • Cornerstone Routes: this cluster of running paths offers even terrain and extensive open stretches of land that are perfect for out-and-back long runs, shorter maintenance runs, and a variety of workouts
  • Intersecting Routes: these routes are pieced together by combining natural intersection points between separate running paths to create dynamic long run options
  • Off-Road Trails: these trails range from smooth and easy to moderately rugged, providing good off-road training opportunities as well as scenic interludes for longer circuit routes