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Customized Training Plan Overview

Available to runners local to Washington, DC, as well as to runners training throughout the United States and internationally, this coaching service offers a streamlined, but still individually customized, training experience with Coach Komen.

Based on your running history, as well as your performance goals (as indicated on the required Runner’s Questionnaire), Coach Wilson will develop an individual training plan that you will implement independently.

Coach Komen’s customized training plans can be designed for runners of all ability and experience levels who are training to compete in races between the 5KM and full marathon.

Getting Started

  1. Select the duration of the customized training plan that you would like from the drop-down purchase menu. Then, complete the purchase process.
  2. Complete and submit the electronic Runner’s Questionnaire.
  3. Download, complete, and return the Waiver of Liability form to
  4. Upon receiving your payment, completed questionnaire, and waiver, Coach Komen will develop your training plan and will send it to the email address you provided. Once again, runners are responsible for independently implementing their customized training plans.
  5. If you have any questions about this service, please contact Coach Komen.

If you would like to receive additional guidance from Coach Komen—either online or in person (if you can commute to downtown Washington, DC)—then you should arrange for a coaching consultation.


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