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One-On-One Coaching Overview

Available to runners who can commute to downtown Washington, DC, this coaching service offers extensive in-person training support directly from Coach Komen.  Wilson is available to work with runners of all ability and experience levels who are training for race distances between the 5KM and the full marathon.

Beginning with an in-person evaluation of your running form and mechanics, Coach Komen will then consult with you about your running goals and will construct an individualized training plan to work toward those goals.  This service includes weekly phone consultations and two in-person training sessions per month.  These training sessions are generally devoted to more intense workouts, such as hill repeats, fartlek speed play, and track workouts (runners will independently complete tempo and pace runs).  Coach Wilson is also available to revise your training plan in the case of unexpected scheduling conflicts, illness, or injury.

One-On-One Coaching Includes

  • In-person evaluation of your running form and instructions for any necessary improvements
  • A customized training plan with detailed instructions that is designed specifically for your performance goals, while also considering your work and personal schedules
  • Customized race strategy plans for any races you will run during your training
  • Consistent monitoring and evaluation of your training via a shared electronic running log
  • Weekly phone consultations to discuss your progress
  • Unlimited additional email correspondence; additional phone consultations by appointment
  • General guide to nutrition for long distance running

Getting Started

  1. Select the duration of one-on-one coaching that you would like from the drop-down purchase menu. Then, complete the purchase process.
  2. Complete and submit the electronic Runner’s Questionnaire.
  3. Download, complete, and return the Waiver of Liability form to When doing so, please indicate, in this same email, three days and times when you will be available to meet with Coach Komen for your in-person evaluation.
  4. Upon receiving your payment, completed questionnaire, and waiver, Coach Komen will contact you by phone to confirm your in-person evaluation appointment.
  5. If you have any questions about this service, please contact Coach Komen.

Note: Coach Komen will not schedule your in-person evaluation or begin creating your custom training plan until he has received the completed runner’s questionnaire and the completed and signed waiver form.


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