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Kiprunning Sports Club Membership Dues

Kiprunning Sports Club dues support the weekly functioning of the club’s workouts as well as team race entries (members will not pay for individual race registrations for any event in which the Kiprunning Sports Club is competing).  These dues also support the purchasing of official Kiprunning Sports Club uniforms and various incidental costs, like hydration and nutritional support during workouts, that foster a thriving running club.

Dues for Competitive Tier runners begin in 3-month increments and are discounted for multi-month memberships.

  • 3 months $110
  • 6 months $220
  • 12 months $330

Elite Development runners are not required to pay club dues.  However, these runners must commit to a club membership of at least 6 months in duration.  These runners must also commit to supporting the Competitive Tier runners in their races, as well as assisting with Kiprunning Sports Club affiliated volunteer activities within the Washington, DC running community.

Joining the Kiprunning Sports Club

  1. Both Competitive Tier and Elite Development runners should begin by completing the Kiprunning Sports Club Questionnaire.
  2. Both tiers of runners should also download, complete, and return the Sports Club Waiver of Liability form to
  3. Competitive Tier runners should select the duration of membership from the drop-down purchase menu. Then, they should complete the purchase process.
  4. Upon receiving your payment (if applicable), completed questionnaire, and waiver, Coach Komen will contact you by phone to discuss arrangements for joining the Sports Club.
  5. If you have any questions about Sports Club membership, please contact Coach Komen.

Note: Sports Club prices only apply to Competitive Tier Runners.

Sports Club Purchase Menu

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