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Kiprunning Sports Club Training Requirements

Kiprunning Sports Club members meet for group training sessions led by Coach Wilson Komen roughly two times per week.

These training sessions include:

  • Saturday morning long runs ranging from 10 miles to 20+ miles, depending on the distances for which Sports Club members are training. These runs usually begin 7:00 a.m at Georgetown Running Company.
  • Wednesday morning speed sessions. These sessions will rotate between hill repeats, interval training, and various track workouts. Sessions begin at 6:30 a.m. (locations vary).

In addition, members are expected to complete the additional weekly workouts that Coach Komen schedules for them so that they can maintain proper fitness. Coach Wilson will customize these workouts based on members’ training goals and performance standards.

Club members are expected to represent the Kiprunning Sports Club in the races that they run.  Club members should also follow the Kiprunning Blog for supplementary training tips and updates about Sports Club workouts.
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